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After the highly successful launch of last month’s Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night, we have a wonderful follow-up this month with the debut of Fight Card: Front Page Palooka from the dynamic Anthony Venutolo.

When he’s not hanging with his family, or chronicling the antics of Boardwalk Empire for the Star Ledger, the New Jersey based Ant-man inhabits Bukowski's Basement (, a blog dedicated to the Skid Row poet and all things flash fiction. 

In Front Page Palooka, Ant gives us the Bogey inspired newshound, Nick Moretti – charming, yet cynical, burned-out, whiskey-sodden, and not above making sure the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.  Front Page Palooka has it all ... dames, dives, and hard-punching attitude.


Newark, New Jersey, 1954

Years of fight halls and newsrooms have east coast sportswriter, Nick Moretti, looking for a change. When a sloppy hustle goes bad, and Nick takes a bullet in the shoulder, it’s time to go west.  Hired by Pinnacle Pictures to write a boxing movie about troubled heavyweight champ Jericho ‘Rattlesnake’ McNeal, Nick joins forces with sexy public relations gal, Dillian Dawson, for a cross-country tour to give an everyman boxer an unlikely shot at the world title – what could go wrong?

From the crackling neon of Hollywood and Sin City, through the steamy Delta, and on to Chi-Town, the glitzy dream becomes a noir nightmare, and newshound Nick Moretti is about to commit a reporter’s greatest sin – becoming a Front Page Palooka ...  Another great two-fisted Fight Card tale!

As usual, we appreciate any and all blog shout-outs, mentions on social networking sites, and Amazon reviews.

Next in the ring, we have Fight Card: Swamp Walloper – featuring the return of Patrick Felony Flynn in the long awaited (at least by me) sequel to Felony Fists – along with Punching Paradise from Nik Korpon, and Fight River from Tommy Hancock.

Andrew Salmon has been time travelling back to Victorian, England, as he’s been completing our highly anticipated December offering for the holidays, Fight Card: Sherlock Holmes – featuring a stunning painted cover from artist (and new Fight Card team member) Carl Yonder (illustrator of the hardboiled skull and crossbones comic, Pirate Eye (

A big thanks this month to Fight Card Team member Jeremy L.C. Jones for his efforts on getting many of our publicity posts out into the wider blogoverse via Book Life Now ( with upcoming coverage via Venture Galleries.  Jeremy is also the power behind lining up the numerous fantastic authors contributing stories to three upcoming Fight Card short story anthologies – the proceeds from which will go to authors in need and other literary charities.

Despite his own busy work schedule, David Foster has continued to produce Fight Card covers not only for our e-book releases, but also for the paperback versions (along with beautifully tweaking my efforts at .pdf interior files).  Thx, buddy, we couldn’t do this without you.

I’d also like to welcome writer Kathleen Rice Adams into the Fight Card fold ( Kathleen is an accomplished writer who will be handling the next book in our hybrid Fight Card Romance spin-off, and we’re very much looking forward to her take on Love On The Ropes ...

More next month on our upcoming Fight Card audio versions from Dynamic Ram ...

Till then, keep punching ...

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