Monday, January 17, 2011


Bish here.

Mel has given you the rundown on what we hope to do in designing our new fight fiction series, Fight Card. I’ve written a number of previous novels (though only a tenth of Mel’s output), but this is a project I am really excited about.

I’ve read a lot of fight fiction over the years, much of it from the sports pulps of the ‘40s and ‘50s, and there is something about boxing as a theme that just resonates with me. It strips away all pretence, leaving behind the things of most importance – courage, endurance, and the beauty of muscle against muscle. Inside the ring a fighter stands alone, his greatest opponent not the man who stands in front of him, but the man who stands inside of him . . .

Doing this project with Mel has me psyched. He’s a hell of a versatile writer and an inspiration to me. So, we’ll be knocking the words out on paper (well electronic paper anyway) and we hope you’ll find characters to root for and stories to cheer for . . .

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