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Our October Fight Card title, Guns of November, with Joseph Grant (Fight Card: The Last Round of Archie Mannis) behind the Jack Tunney moniker, has slid into publication. It also sports a beautiful cover by Carl Yonder, who continues to go the distance for Fight Card …


November, 1963...Sent to Dallas by Attorney General Robert Kennedy to investigate the disappearance of a boxer connected to a major Civil Rights violation, FBI Special Agent Jim Gregory finds himself desperately trading punches with those plotting to change the course of history.

Kidnapped, beaten, tied up, and blindfolded, young boxer Jimmy Lee Williams knows his situation is dire. Nicknamed Guns for the relentless firing power of his fists, Williams isn’t going to go down without a fight. However, this is no typical 15-rounder...and the clock is ticking toward disaster. 

Mixing with a disparate group of Cuban exiles, the Mafia, the FBI, the CIA, and corrupt Dallas Police, Gregory’s search for Williams takes him into the heart of the JFK conspiracy.  In the Carousel Club, owner Jack Ruby – Gregory's old Chicago boxing opponent – introduces the undercover FBI agent to his many shady contacts, including a young, ex-Marine and Communist defector named Oswald…a man with unusual intelligence and connections to both the FBI and the CIA.

With disaster looming, the latest Fight Card novel, Guns of November, is a two-fisted take on the tragic events you thought you knew, but never imagined... 

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November will mark the return of Fight Card veteran David Foster with a brilliant take on Australia’s most notorious outlaw. The Iron Fists of Ned Kelly is rooted in fact, telling the tale of the legendary bare-knuckle boxing match between Kelly and Wild Wright – the man Kelly held responsible for his three year incarceration for horse stealing. Great stuff!

The Iron Fists of Ned Kelly will feature a fantastic cover from the talented Mike Fyles, who also provides the cover for our second Fight Card Sherlock Holmes title – Blood to the Bone – from Andrew Salmon…

Keep Punching…

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