Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Our latest release Fight Card: Copper Mountain Champ by Brian Drake (writing as Jack Tunney) has just hit the virtual shelves.  Brian is another of the top breakthrough writers to become part of our Fight Card team.


Butte, Montana. 1951…Back from the horror of World War II, Alex Slayton started working the copper mines of his hometown, but it’s hardly the life he intends for himself...or his girlfriend, Liz. However, when long festering problems at the mine force a union strike, Alex finds himself up against the mining company’s notoriously tight-fisted owner – a man who believes in violence as a first resort.  

Based on his raw fighting talent, Alex learned the sweet science from his mentor and fellow miner, Pete Kovich – hoping boxing would get him out from underground and on to a sunny future.  Now, caught in a web of town intrigue, violence, and sudden death, Alex is forced to face the mine owner’s son, a top boxing prospect, in the ring.  Alex knows he’s not ready, but the only way out is to fight – not just for himself, but for the whole town…

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Coming up next month (May) will be Fight Card: Monster Man from Jason Chirevas with a distinctive storyline, which takes the Fight Card formula in a very different direction.

June will see Fight Card making a big splash at the Howard Day’s convention in Cross Plains, Texas, with the debut of Fight Card: The Adventures of Sailor Tom Sharkey by Howard scholar Mark Finn.  The Fight Card tales owe a big debt to Robert E. Howard’s early creation of Sailor Steve Corrigan.  Finn’s Sharkey tales pay tribute to the world and style of Corrigan, but with a distinct voice all their own.   I’m personally very excited about this collection, which sports an amazing painted cover from Carl Yonder.

Also coming up later in 2014, Fight Card: Guns of November by returning Fight Card author (Fight Card: The Last Round of Archie Mannis) Joseph Grant – in which Fight Card enters the murky waters of the JFK assassination – Fight Card: Bridgetown Brawler from rising pulp star David White, and Fight Card: Fight River from pulp guru Tommy Hancock.
This summer, Fight Card will be the focus of an intensive five week college marketing workshop known as The Space.  Jeremy L.C. Jones and I will be working with these top marketing students to come up with new ways to promote our Fight Card brand and generate more book sales for all of us.
Till next month … Keep Punching!

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