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Greetings, Fight Card Team ...

Our latest novel has just hit the virtual bookshelves ... Fight Card: Barefoot Bones comes to us courtesy of pulpmeister Bobby Nash, the 2013 Pulp Ark Award winner for Best Author.

Fight Card: Barefoot Bones' fantastic cover design is by Fight Card's own David Foster.Big kudos are due to David as he is currently handling all our cover duties both for the e-books and for the paperbacks.

As always any mentions on your blogs and social networking sites is appreciated.


Korea, 1951 

Mentored in the hollows of hardscrabble Georgia by mysterious loner Old Man Winter, then in a Chicago orphanage by ex-fighter Father Tim Brophy, James ‘Barefoot Bones’ Mason has relied on his fists to make his way. But it’s a long way from St. Vincent’s Asylum For Boys to the battlefields of Korea where Bones’ fists may not be enough.

Entered in an inter-camp boxing tournament by his commanding officer, Bones finds himself in a war within a war.  When a tenuous cease fire is explosively shattered, Bone’s is fighting against the highest odds of all – staying alive. 

Can a skinny kid from the north Georgia mountains survive the hell of Korea and still have the guts to climb back into the ring one more time? The one constant in Bones’ life has been fighting – Lucky for him, he’s good at it.

Coming up next week, we have the debut of the first Fight Card Romance novel, Ladies Night, by Carol Malone (writing as Jill Tunney).  Carol and I have been working together closely and she has pulled off a wonderful romance/fight pulp genre mash up in Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night.

Next month will see the publication of Anthony Venutolo's noirish wonder, Fight Card: Front Page Palooka (previously Union Of The Snakes).

As we cruise into the late rounds of the year, I would like to establish a concerted publicity effort next month.  If any of you have an in with a podcast who you might be able to interest in a Fight Card episode, or blogs where you know you can place an Fight Card related interview or article, please send the information my way.  I would like to coordinate a month long blitz across the Internet and social networking sites (including a 'get the tweets out evening' when we will try to get #FightCard to trend on Twitter).  Any and all ideas are welcome.

Among Fight Card novels still to come this year, Nik Korpon weighs in with Punching Paradise, Tommy Hancock slugs it out on Fight River, and Andrew Salmon makes it all elementary with our Fight Card: Sherlock Holmes for Christmas.

Until next time ... Keep Punching ...

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